We offer a wide range of services in home renovation and repair. Our projects include kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, full-house renovations, first and second floor additions, outdoor kitchens, exterior makeovers, structural repairs, major insurance restorations, and home maintenance. All projects are a blend of form, function, and energy-efficiency.


  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Interior Remodels
  • Exterior Remodels
  • House Additions


Are you looking to remodel an interior room such as the living room, master bedroom, den or home office, but feel daunted by the task of coming up with the design plans?

An interior remodeling project can change your home by a small amount or it can drastically change the footprint of your home. Some of the more popular interior upgrades include removing walls to open space, creating a media room, and of course making a major addition such as adding on a bedroom.

These changes can upgrade outdated features, improve functionality, create more space, and make the space you have more efficient. Even something as simple as repainting the interior of your home can have a substantial impact on the look and feel of your home. Changing from laminate or carpet to wood floors can help visually open-up your home.



Do you dream of having an outdoor living area that replicates all those fun exotic-looking ones you see on TV? We can turn that dream into a reality. Cross Restoration and Construction is dedicated to the design and exterior remodeling of decks, patios, porches, all-season and outdoor areas that make a significant impact on the aesthetics and functionality of your home yet blend seamlessly with your home or surroundings. We transform your home through exterior remodeling that turns it into the perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Whether you want to use your patio for entertaining or relaxing, our designers will customize it to your preferences. Because there are countless options from the types of materials used, to additional structures and features, consider some add-ons for your patio to help you enjoy it all year long. Fire pits are perfect for toasting marshmallows on chilly nights, while an outdoor kitchen can make cooking and entertaining guests fun and convenient. Our designers will work with you to capture your exterior remodeling vision and determine the best design plan for your dream patio.


Is it a deck or porch you’re looking to add-on? A well-designed deck or porch makes a significant impact on the aesthetics and functionality of your home. And, while it may look like a simple pressurized wooden structure of posts and beams, the average residential deck must endure a lot of wear and tear so exterior remodeling and design is critical.


House additions are often the result of increased space needs. As families grow their needs change and often the home that met those needs for years no longer does. One popular home change is to build up on a single-story residence creating a new two-story home. Another popular option is to add onto the existing level creating new bedrooms, maybe a sun room off the back of your house, a new family room, master bedroom suite, or as simple as a new garage.

We can help you evaluate the best way to add on to create your new space. There are cost differences between going up or out. Setbacks for your home may be restrictive in your neighborhood and dictate the best way of approaching your home addition. Many factors play a role in decisions about house additions and we can help you evaluate, navigate and guide you in this decision process.

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